Help! It’s Raining! Camping in the Rain…

We are busy preparing for our next camping trip. We are off to Cornwall for a week, staying in a small family campsite near Bude.

However, the sun has been messing with us over the last week or so.

We have had a much welcome May heatwave; leaving us all in high spirits and dreaming of golden sands on the Cornish coast.

The thing is, now the sun has most certainly not got his hat on. There are seriously no hip hip hoorays going on in our household. Such is the randomness of the great British weather, we’re forever talking/moaning/hip hip hooraying about it.

A quick glimpse at my weather app tells me that wellies and waterproofs are most certainly a requirement next week.

When we have sunshine we have the most incredible and beautiful country to explore. Glorious countryside and stunning coastlines. The problem is, the random factor makes planning anything tricky to say the least….BUT….we shall not be beaten!

We have camped in all weathers. I can say with my hand on my heart that each trip has been memorable, and for good reasons. Even the soggy ones.

Two years ago we went camping on the Isle of Wight for 10 days. It rained for 9 of them. Did we have fun? Did we laugh? Did the boys cry when we had to leave? Yes, yes and yes.

The thing is, as long as you are prepared and not banking on Med style weather, you’ll enjoy your camping break.

So without further ado, below are my top tips for having fun even when it’s raining.

Pack plenty of board games

Actually this is a must even if it doesn’t rain. We love to play a few games while we’re camping. There are a whole range of games you could pick from. Some of our favourites are cards games, Bananagrams, Monopoly and Scrabble. All our boys have handheld games but we don’t like to bring them on our camping trips, it’s kind of a great escape from screens and electronics.

Bring colouring books/puzzle books

Pack a range for all the family to get involved in. These are great to do down the beach too or lazing around outside the tent.

Check out Tourist Info for the area you are staying

You can do this online before you even go. Or just Google something like ‘things to do on a rainy day in Cornwall’ I bet a whole host of things will come up. Many will hopefully be free too. You don’t want to fall into the trap of spending a fortune on paying to get into places. We’ve already made plans to visit The Eden Project in Cornwall on one of the days, it can be on a rainy day if need be. (On a side note we got our tickets by exchanging some Tesco Clubcard vouchers so we’re saving loads of money!)

Make sure your tent is waterproof

You really don’t want your tent to leak and make the inside wet too. All new tents should be waterproof, just remember to read reviews from other people to check just how waterproof they are in reality! Also, remember if you have to pack your tent away when it is raining or still wet, take it out when you get home to dry it out properly before any mould sets in.

Don’ t be miserable

Unless you have some incredible hidden super powers there isn’t a single thing you can do about the weather. I know it can be disappointing but try to just look on the bright side (sorry, not best choice of words there) and make the most of every precious moment you have on your family camping trip.

Pack some hot chocolate

A nice comforting treat on a rainy day. Snuggle up inside your tent and slurp on some hot chocolate and melted marshmallows.

Check out the local cinema, swimming pool or bowling alley

I know not really a holiday type of thing to do but if you have back to back rainy days it’ll save your sanity. Trust me. I speak from experience…

Do you have any top tips for making the most of a camping trip on a rainy day?

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