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If you have just decided that you are going to give camping a go or your old tent for one reason or another just doesn’t cut it anymore, then you are going to have to go shopping for a new tent. However that’s when the question of just what is the best tent brand? There are a bewildering array of tents out there that you can buy, small ones , cheap ones, 1 person tents up to tents big enough to park cars in them!

There are many different tent manufacturer brands that we could mention, but not all are easily obtainable for everyone or focused on the family tent market. So we have just focused on what we believe are the top tent maker brands of Outwell, Coleman, Skandika and Vango.


I think that these probably should come top of our “best tent brand” list as they have won awards for their tents and are well respected in the industry. They are constantly taking feedback from real campers and use this information to add new definitive items and designs to their tent range like carpets and skylights. Most of their tents have good to excellent water column protection and are well designed with families in mind. They have also started to produce their AirComfort range of tents for ultra fast pitching. As a general rule most of their tents are roomy and well planned out.

The costs of their tents range from the pricey hi-end models to the modestly priced models that are about market average prices. If you have the finances then you should consider Outwell as your first choice.

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Next in our list of “best tent makers” are Coleman. Coleman’s ethos is that they want to encourage more and more people to experience the outdoors and it is this driving force that lies behind their tents. There is a lot of very satisfied owners out there who are very happy with their tents and features. On average their tents are roomy, provide good water column protection and some of their tents have many good features like ‘self rolling’ window covers and ‘blackout’ bedrooms and are quick to pitch. They also have their Fast Pitch Air tents now which like their normal tents are fairly reasonably priced. I really don’t think that you can go very wrong with a Coleman tent.

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In third place in our “best tent brand” are Skandika. They believe that everyone should live an active life and experience the great outdoors whilst living life to the fullest. They have produced a large range of tents to be able to provide you with a comfortable environment. They have had a lot of positive feedback for their tents which are of a very good build quality and have very good water column protection. Their range of tents are from the single man tents to their ultra roomy 12 man monster tent! Their tents tend to have a lot of the family friendly features like storage pockets and configurable sleeping pods and are reasonably quick to pitch. They also have their Air Rise technology tents for those who want to be able to pitch and go in a flash. Generally, Skandika tents tend to be a little bit cheaper than the Coleman tents and are a worthy alternative to consider.

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The fourth and final entry in our “best tent brand” is Vango. Based in Scotland, they were one of the pioneers of the quick to pitch inflatable tents and awnings. They created Vango AirBeam® and have a number of inflatable tents in their range now. The tents are roomy and have good water column protection and are well made with handy addition features for family camping. They design their tents to be quick to pitch which is always handy for families. The hi-end models in their range tend to be a bit pricey but their medium sized models are comparatively priced with the Coleman models.

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