Best Camping Table

Hopefully you've read our 10 tips to buying a camping table guide and have a good idea of what you want.

So what's the best camping table?

So, we have gathered together a number of our best camping tables for you to have a look at. We have a selection of different table types including larger tables for families or groups of friends, and also the smaller ones for the solo campers and couples.

Coleman Pack Away Table for 4, Silver.

This table for 4 comes with 2 benches to sit on. The benches and table are all separated so there is slightly more flexibility to use them on slightly uneven ground. The size of the table is 90x60x70 and with the stools is reasonably comfortable for an average adult to sit at.

The table is Aluminium framed including the table top making a stable sturdy table, but the legs only have one height setting and so is not adjustable. The table and benches fold up and pack together in one handy pack 90 x 30 x 11 cm which makes this lightweight table very portable and easily stored for transport. However, due to it's construction it is one of the more pricey tables on offer but worth it in the long run.

This is a good table that can accommodate 4 adults or a family of 5-6 with a couple of extra seats and well worth considering.​

** See latest price for the Coleman Pack for 4 table here **

4 Chair Folding Table Set.

This mid ranged priced table comes with 4 foldout stools that can be stored within the table when being transported. The table size is 120cm x 60cm and is 55cm tall and capable of supporting up to 30kg. It is quick and easy to setup and forms a carry case when folded up. The height of the table can be adjusted to allow it to be set to a reasonable height for children.

The separate stools are fairly basic, but also add the feeling of independence so that when someone gets up not everyone is force to stop eating to also get up. Also though the description of the table is of it being a lightweight table there has been a few people complaining that they have struggled with the weight and have had to get their partners to carry them.

The size of this table and the adjustable legs make this a good family camping table, but the weight lets it down.​

** See latest price for the 4 Chair Folding Table Set here **

FT-31 Picnic and Camping Table and Bench Set.

The high density plastic top and the strong light steel frame build on this table make it a excellent durable solid table perfect for camping.  This table comes in one solid surface measuring 113cm x 62cm with a height of 71cm. The 2 benches that come with it measure 90cm x 21cm and are 41cm high, and are stored within the table frame when packed.

The hinges and locks are well made so there is very little chance of this collapsing and with the solid top will be able to hold a lot of weight. The problem with this table though is that it is a bit weighty (approx. 16kg) and bulky which could make it difficult to pack and transport.

For a mid price ranged table this gives great surface area an strength, but it's size and weight could cause a problem for most people.​

** See latest price for the FT-31 Camping Table and Bench Set here **​

Trail ABS Plastic Folding Picnic Table and Chairs.

Made from strong ABS with a aluminium frame, this table is excellent value for a  table and chairs that you can set up in less than 30 seconds. The table and chairs are all joined and fold out to form the 85cm x 64.5cm table that has a height of 67cm, and the chairs are 29.5cm x 64.5cm with a height of 40cm. Once locked into place the table should be able to carry up to 30Kg and the chairs should be able to take the weight of an adult up to 60Kg. The table has a hole in the middle should you wish to purchase a parasol and the chairs have a drain hole in them for if it gets left out in the rain. The table is light and folds down into a handy carry case 85cm x 40cm x 10cm which will fit into most cars without any problem. The problem with this is that ideally you need a flat surface otherwise it rocks and it is a little snug for adults to sit round.

This is a good buy for small or young families due to the speed and ease that it can be put up. Older groups might struggle a bit with the size of leg room and the fact that it needs level ground can prove hard to fid sometimes.​

** See latest price for the Trail ABS Plastic Folding Table and Chairs here **​

Milestone Camping Aluminium Folding Table, Black.

Produced by Benross Group, this folding table is perfect for a camping table. It's size is 100cm x 60cm and it's height can be adjusted from 73cm / 80 cm / 87cm & 94cm. The frame is made from Aluminium but the actual table top is made from MDF. When set up the table can support approximately 20kg. It only weighs 4.4Kg which will help in its to be carried around but as it is one solid table this will cause space issues when trying to pack it, plus you will need your own chairs to fit around this table.

This is a good reasonably price light weight table that is good for families and groups of adults but you will need to provide your own chairs and the size of this table means that it could be hard to pack.

** See latest price for the Milestone Black Aluminium Folding Table here **

Yellowstone Backpacker Table.

This table is really aimed at solo campers or those that just want something small to use for disposable BBQs or a small meal table. It is made from Aluminium and it's size is 42.5 cm x 30cm and has 2 height settings of 10cm & 15cm. This can be folded up into it's handy carrycase which is small enough to be put in a rucksack and only weighs about 0.5kg but can support up to 30kg. You should be able to pick this little number up for a very reasonable price.

This is really aimed at backpackers and isn't really big enough for a small family, but might be useful for couples wanting to travel light or as an additional cooker table.

** See latest price for the Yellowstone Backpacker Table here **

Overall despite the price I think that the Coleman Pack away table and benches for 4 comes top of our best camping tables roundup. This is because it is the best all round option being more comfortable for adults to easily sit around, and having plenty of room and being easy to pack and transport.

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