What is the Best Camping Stove For Families?

So you want to do a bit of tent side cooking? There is nothing quite like it. The smell on a campsite from all the different dishes being cooked. You just need to make sure you pick the best camping stove for what you need.

Camping tends to cost less than a ‘bricks and mortar’ style holiday. In your own tent, the cost of a pitch, even for a family, should come in at less than that of a hotel or a holiday let.

However, to really make it cost effective you should really try and cook as much of your own food as you can. Eating out all the time can really add up.

How To Choose A Camping Stove

Decide what you want the camping stove for and how many people you will be feeding. If you only need it for making a quick fry up in the morning or a one pot meal then you may as well just stick to the cheaper and smaller Campingaz Camp Bistro it is a compact gas stove and is sufficient if you don’t have many to feed.

As we wanted ours for cooking full meals on for a family of 5 we needed something a little bigger. After a lot of research and indecisiveness we opted for the Campingaz Camping Chef Stove. It is definitely one of the best camping stoves out there for families.

Best Camping Stove
Cooked Breakfast?

It is a really nifty little camping stove. It is compact and light yet you can cook loads of meals on it. You really do need two stoves if you’re going to cook a decent meal. The grill bit underneath was a really nice touch. Nothing like a bit of toast to go with your eggs and beans.

We managed to cook a variety of meals on it and feed a (very hungry) family of 5. One point to note, you may need to find something to put under the grill pan to make it higher otherwise you’ll be in for a bit of a wait for your toast in the morning.

Although the stove comes with a windbreak (the lid) it really wasn’t sufficient on the windier days. We ended up using our beach wind break and making a little cooking area next to that. We bought an old table with us to rest it on. When I say an old table it was a £5 Ikea table where the legs screw on and off so it was pretty easy to transport.

I would recommend buying the carry case as an extra or it becomes a bit of a pain trying to keep putting it back in the cardboard box over and over again.

Campingaz 2 Burner Stove Carry Bag

Camping Stove Carry Bag

A cute little bag for your new stove 🙂

If you want to know if it works and if it is a good buy, then the answer is yes.

If you want slightly more geeky info, then please read on.

  • You can use the hob and the grill underneath at the same time but the manual doesn’t recommend it. We did and had no problems (but please don’t take that as an endorsement!)
  • It weighs just 5.8kg
  • The boil time is 6mins and 30 seconds
  • Stove power of 2 x 2,300W
  • Grill power of 1,100W
  • Operates off Campingaz and other butane cylinders
  • Runtime up to 8hr on Campingaz R 907

Important: It doesn’t come with a regulator or gas canister, you will need to buy this as extra – it doesn’t have to be a Campingaz one.

Without a doubt I would recommend this camping stove for all your cooking needs on your next camping trip. Have a little practise run in the garden before you go, you want to look like a pro in front of your fellow campers don’t you?

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