10 tips to buy a camping table.

One of the benefits of camping is being able to sit down with the family and have an outdoor cooked meal like a good old fashion barbeque, salad spread, spaghetti bolognaise or something a little bit more adventurous and exotic.

Family Camping Table

But after all this effort to cook or prepare your meal, where are you going to eat it? That’s where a good family camping table is needed, but which one?

There are many different tables of all shapes and sizes out there. Although it doesn’t have to be a table made for camping it would be a good idea to look for these when getting one.

So what should you look for when purchasing a table?

  • What size table are you after? If there are only 2 of you going to be using it, then there is no point buying a table for 6, and the opposite is also true as a small table will not fit much on it with a large group huddled round it.
  • How are you going to transport it? Will it fit in your car boot, roof box,  trailer or caravan along with all of your other camping gear. You will quickly realise that unless you plan it out carefully that all your various camping accessories can take up a lot more space than you thought when buying them individually?
  • How heavy is it? This needs to be a factor because wherever you camp you will have to be able to move the table to your tent/pitch without requiring an army of people to help you move it every time.
  • Does the table fold up or does it just have collapsible or foldable legs? This directly effects the space taken up by the table for transportation. Due to the size of the larger tables with foldable legs you might struggle to fit it in your car whereas the large foldable tables can fit to a more manageable size.
  • There is also an issue of the strength of what the table can hold. If you go for a split fold table then this will not be as strong in the middle as a solid table but most are more than adequate at coping with the average camping dinner spread.
  • Do you want a table with adjustable height settings? For the taller people amongst us, then this will be an important factor as they will need to be able to sit down and stand up without taking the table with them!
  • Do you want chairs with the table or do you have separate chairs to use instead? If the table comes with chairs then do you want them attached to the table or separate so that they can be used elsewhere if required?
  • Do you want chairs with the table or do you have separate chairs to use instead? If the table comes with chairs then do you want them attached to the table or separate, so that they can be used elsewhere if required? Remember that if the tables and chairs are connected together then if it is on uneven ground that it will all move not just the bit on the uneven ground.
  • What do you want the table to be made from as they can be Aluminium, MDF, plastic or wood?
  • Finally, how much do you want to spend? You can pickup tables from about £10 upwards but remember that you need to consider what you want it for so that table that costs a little bit more might be better value as it will last longer. Also, how suitable and durable it will be in all weather conditions as you don't always have sunshine when camping!

So what's the best family camping table?

There is no simple answer that fits all to this, but we would suggest that lightweight foldable tables especially with chairs or benches incorporated are a very good starting point for families as they are functional and easy to setup and move which is always a bonus with young children. The downside with the foldable tables with attached chairs is that it all needs to be on level ground otherwise it all rocks.

The separate tables are probably better for older groups or families as there tends to be more room both on the table and leg room below it, however, for most of these you will need to supply your own chairs.

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